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We live in country with the highest HIV rate in the world over 10%, and it shows little sign of abating. Because it is an invisible disease, most of us think that it is not our problem, but it is.  Anyone can get HIV. It can be transmitted through body fluids like blood, semen, vaginal and menstrual fluids, and breast milk. The risks come from what you do, and who you do it with.


Donít share needles and syringes when injecting drugs or other substances.


Avoid unprotected sex, especially with casual partners. Use a condom, or abstain. If itís really a desperate situation and you donít have protection, consider non-penetrating sex , like mutual masturbation which is a bit safer, but not totally without risk.


Kissing or getting another persons semen or vaginal fluids on your skin will not spread HIV. The HIV virus will not enter the body unless there is a cut or break in the skin. There is no scientific evidence that HIV is passed through saliva, tears, or sweat. Digit sex or 'fingering' can be risky if you have small cracks or cuts on your fingers. If in doubt, use protection like a latex glove or if desperate, a condom on your fingers.


Oral sex and Cunnilingus is considered high risk. The virus can be passed to and from the mouth if there are cold sores and cracked/bleeding gums, and from infected vaginal fluids. Use a barrier like cling wrap if you are in doubt and really want to do this.


Be aware that use of some drugs can result in more promiscuous and often regrettable sexual behaviour. There are statistics to show links between use/abuse of drugs like alcohol and methamphetamine and the spread of HIV.



Ignorance of the virus is a killer, since its getting passed around without the carriers knowing it, often with lethal consequences. An HIV Test is blood sample that can be done quickly and cheaply at clinics and hospitals, which also offer the counselling necessary - although this can be waived. If you are tested HIV positive, its not the end of the world, providing you catch it in time. It usually takes years for the HIV virus to break down the immune system and cause AIDS. Many HIV+ people live healthy and long lives on the right medicines - antiretrovirals that prevent it from becoming AIDS.


Share important information about exposure to HIV/AIDS with new sexual partners.


Spread knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS around, and never get complacent.


NB:  You think it can not happen to you:  

1.   There is NO cure for this virus.

2.   You can pick up HIV / AIDS very easy.


3.   It is a criminal offence not to declare your HIV / AIDS to your sex partner.