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Coming Down on Drugs: (See Also Detox)


If not that serious send me an confidential e-mail: info@thesouthafricanantidrugteam.org.za


Try not to put off the comedown from the use of a stimulant or other. Avoid using downers like heroin, mandrax, or benzodiazepines like Valium to take the edge off or put you to sleep. These drugs are much more addictive than the common party drugs. Your drug-taking could evolve from a party experience to a daily need. Come down by chilling out, replenish your body with food, fluids and sleep, videos, music whatever makes you comfortable. The high could be followed by feelings of depression or anxiety for days after use - prolonging the comedown could make it worse. Your experience with drugs could turn into a nightmare. If you are spinning out, ask for help from a friend, or someone working at the club or party. If someone collapses, call for help immediately but try not to panic. If you’re using too many drugs too often, you are likely to end up feeling spaced out, paranoid and depressed. It’s the Law of Drug Gravity: What goes “up” must come “down” and for every High, there is an equal and often more hectic Low. Your body and mind needs rest, relaxation and nourishment to replace the things that drugs take out. So if you feel you’re losing the plot and you’ve been overdoing it, give the drugs a miss and see how you feel.


NB:  If you have started you can stop:

1.   This takes lots of willpower and patients.