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(Crystal methamphetamine)
Street names: crystals, crystal, meth, rock, candy, batu, glass, LA glass, super ice, hot ice, LA crystal, Hawaiian salt
This newer and deadlier form of crystallised methamphetamine is nearly 100 per cent pure methamphetamine. Odourless and smoked in glass pipes, it is more lethal than crack and cocaine, and seemingly more addictive.  


The heaven:
Within seconds smokers feel an intense wave of physical and mental exhilaration. The effects may last from four to 14 hours.  


The hell:
Intense feelings of anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and fatigue, and eventually psychosis. Toxic psychosis similar to paranoid schizophrenia can also result from heavy, short- or long-term use.  


Effects on the body:
Users need ever-heavier doses to reach the same high. Prolonged use damages the lungs, liver and kidneys.  


Effects on the brain:
Brain damage is similar to tik, but to a greater degree.  


 NB:  Common outward signs of a drug user:

 1.   They do not have strong willpower.

 2.   They do not have a stable character.

 3.   They tend to live in a tunnel - view life.

 4.   They lie constantly to protect their pride.

 5.   They would have the habit to bite their nails.

 6.   They develop chest problems, asthma or lung problems.