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Street names: whites, buttons
South Africa has the highest per capita mandrax abuse in the world. Mandrax (methaqualone) tablets are usually powdered and smoked with a mixture of cannabis or tobacco in a bottleneck pipe called a "white pipe" or "witwyf". 


The heaven:
You feel totally laid back, at peace and without a care in the world. You're giving the world the proverbial finger. 


The hell:
Take too much of it and you'll feel nauseous, lose consciousness or fall into a stupor.  


Effects on the body:
Mandrax users can develop physical and psychological dependence on the drug, constantly craving its effects, but needing more and more to get the desired high.  


Effects on the brain:
Mandrax use alters the brain chemicals, suppressing brain function so that the user becomes like a zombie.  


These psychedelic drugs distort reality, plunging the user into a dream world where everything is distorted and colours become audible and sounds visible. Taken in large quantities they scramble your brain, resulting in delusions and hallucinations. They also rev up the brain, causing mood swings that can vary from euphoria to the deepest depression or violence. Sometimes the loss of self and depression can be so severe that suicide may happen.  


 NB:  Common outward signs of a drug user:

 1.   They do not have strong willpower.

 2.   They do not have a stable character.

 3.   They tend to live in a tunnel - view life.

 4.   They lie constantly to protect their pride.

 5.   They would have the habit to bite their nails.

 6.   They develop chest problems, asthma or lung problems.