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The South African Anti Drug Team




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Need Desperate Help:


If not that serious send me an confidential e-mail: info@thesouthafricanantidrugteam.org.za


Emergency Contact  Phone Numbers:



Cocaine Helpline 011 726 4212

Houghton House Recovery Centre 011 728 0850

POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) 011 642 4345

Riverfield Lodge Treatment Centre 011 460 1970

SANCA / Phoenix House 011 726 4210

Lifeline 24-hour emergency counselling 011 728 1347

Narcotics Anonymous 011 485 5248

Wits Law Clinic 011 716 5644


Cape Town

Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre 021 447 8026

Family Planning Youth Health Services 021 762 6468

Lifeline 24-hour emergency counselling 021 461 1111

Narcotics Anonymous 088 130 0327

UCT Legal Aid Clinic 021 650 3551



Lifeline 031 323 2323

Narcotics Anonymous 088 127 8832



Websites with information:


Lifeline www.lifeline.org.za


Narcotics Anonymous www.na.org.za


The Vaults of Erowid www.erowid.org

Erowid is a very comprehensive reference to most recreational and other drugs.

It contains a lot of subjective user reports, factual and chemical and cultural information

although it sometimes lacks in critcal objectivity.


Wikipedia www.wikipedia.org

Wikipedia is a unique on-line encyclopedia. It has become an incrediible source of

information and a creditable reference, its vast bank of knowledge compromised of

user-submitted content.


MAPS www.maps.org

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is a extensive resource

with lots of information on the latest research on a variety of drugs delat with here.


RaveSafe www.ravesafe.org

You will find most of the info from this book on the web site - mainly because

they come from the same source. But there is more! There are a lot of stories

submitted by people which have had experiences you might learn from.