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Prostitution and Drugs:


If not that serious send me an confidential e-mail: info@thesouthafricanantidrugteam.org.za


Girls and Young Women

Many young girls turn to prostitution from the streets to support their drug habits. Some girls do not use contraseptive and end up having babies from young ages. Mothers, grandmothers or the welfare end up looking after these babies. We have met young girls from the age of 12 years on the streets. These girls are operating mainly in lower income group urban areas. Some are clever they walk beats in more upper class areas. 


A common sight will be a girl standing on a street corner with a hand bag over the shoulder and a bottle of water in the one hand. Some will walk slowly on the side of the road. Others will sometimes 'hitch hike' on the road. Once the girl gets in the 'customer s' car she will introduce herself and wait for verbal reaction from the 'customer'. Some of these girls will offer a room or safe and cumfortable place. Others will offer a 'pelvis job', referring to 'oral sex', also called a 'blowjob' with the 'customer' in his car.  Fees will range from R 100 to R250 per time or hour.


There are many young girls having older men also referred to as 'sugar daddys' as regular customers. Some of these girls are clever, they blackmail the 'customers' to secure a steady financial income for themselves. In some cases they threaten to lay 'rape charges' at the South African Police.


Boys and Young Men:

We have heard and dealt with cases where mothers with teenage boys had sex with the friends of their sons. Some cases the ladies payed the young boys R 150 to R200. There are many young boys having older women also referred to as 'sugar mommy s' as regular customers. Many young boys get involved with older homosexual men and turn gay themselves.





NB:  Common after efects with prostitutes:  

 1.   You can end up with HIV / Aids.

 2.   You can be locked up by the SAP.

 3.   The SAP sometimes use girls as bait.