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Sex and Parties:


If not that serious send me an confidential e-mail: info@thesouthafricanantidrugteam.org.za


Self-expression embraces all aspects of the self, including sexuality. Dance Parties and Raves resonate with love, warmth and affection. It stands to reason that at times one would want to express this love with complete physical surrender - making love. Keep it a beautiful memory, not a bitter regret.


Babies are forever and so is Herpes. HIV / AIDS is a killer. Genital warts contribute to cervical cancer. Chlamydia causes infertility. The list goes on. Safe sex is better than remorse.


Always ensure a condom is used. Whilst on E and other drugs, it becomes easier to have unsafe sex. You may “forget”, judge that the risk of infection is small, or not such a terrible thing after all. If you think you might have sex whilst tripping, make sure you have safe sex supplies available beforehand.


Also it may seem right to make immediate changes in relationships such as increasing or decreasing commitment of all kinds. These fresh points of view can be useful, but it is probably unwise to make lasting relationship changes until you have a chance to see how you feel about them after the drug and its afterglow wear off.


NB:  Sex and parties do not match:

1.   There are always people wanting to 'spike' drinks.

2.   Never leave your drink on a table if you go to the lobby.

3.   Never trust anybodys offer to have a drink, watch the person filling your glass.